About us

Coralee and Peter are married and live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They were married in August of 2008 here in Calgary at Centre Street Church. They have two amazing kids. Sophia is 2 years old and Noah is 9 months old. Life at the moment for them is great.

Coralee was born July 4th, 1981 in Calgary, Alberta. She lived in Calgary for a couple years until her family moved out to Langdon, about 25 minutes east of Calgary and was raised there all her life. During her childhood she was involved with figure skating and eventually went on to coach for a number of years. That was one of her passions in life and she really enjoyed doing it. She went on to graduate high school and took a year of Bible College in Strathmore, Alberta. In the past she has worked for ADT Security and Sky Service before finding her dream job in the rewarding industry of kids and adults with physical/mental disabilities. Ever since she was a kid shes dreamed about giving back and looking after people with disabilities. It takes the right kind of person to do what she does and she does it well. She looks after a 33 year old woman with CP and mental delays. She would like to continue doing this until Coralee and Peter start having kids. Its in her blood and it would be hard for her to do something else if she could no longer work in the industry. With the industrys ups and downs, it continues to be something worth working for to better the lives of people who need just a little extra care.

Peter was born February 19th, 1983 in Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan. He was born on the Saskatchewan side of the city and 2 years later moved to the Alberta side where he lived for the remainder of his teenage years. During his childhood he was involved with a few sports leagues. He did one year of soccer to realize he was no good at it. He then tried basketball and fell in love with it. Basketball was a passion of his for quite a few years, even though he never played on a high school league; he still enjoyed playing on a city league during his Jr. High years. He went on to graduate high school and then took a year off school to work in Lloydminster. He followed that by some soul searching years where he moved to Calgary and back to Lloydminster in a 4 year period. But in the winter of 2006 he moved back to Calgary where he got a job with WestJet. With WestJet he loaded/unloaded planes with luggage and marshaled the planes in and out of the gates. He loved that job, but it just did not pay enough. So about 6 months after moving to Calgary he quit WestJet and got a job with a print shop called West Canadian. He has been with West Canadian for four years now and he enjoys it. He is contracted out to Chevron right now and he has been in the downtown office for Chevron for the past 3 years. He loves Chevron because everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. He sees himself staying there for many years to come if he is able to. He is also working on his private flying license at the moment followed by his commercial license to someday work for an airline company. If it is Gods will for it to happen, Peter will push for it to happen and everything will fall into place someday. For now he is grateful for everything in his life and very content.